Wednesday, 29 February 2012

magento "No shipping information available" in orders

I have problem of shipping description not display in order and order email. After search for that and nothing found and finally i have do that. Its because i have code changed in file app\code\core\Mage\Sales\Model\Quote\Address\Total\Shipping.php in line no 168. i have put something like that.

$shippingDescription = ""; // $rate->getCarrierTitle() . ' - ' . $rate->getMethodTitle();

Than I have remove this do as it default see below.

$shippingDescription = $rate->getCarrierTitle() . ' - ' . $rate->getMethodTitle();

I have do this stuff because i want remove shipping info display in cart page total box where i want only display "Shipping & Handling".

And goto above file around line no 189 and i comment out below code and its hide info of shipping in cart page total box.

//if ($address->getShippingDescription()) {
//      $title .= ' (' . $address->getShippingDescription() . ')';


  1. Thank you for sharing this valuable info...:)

  2. is this problem in Magento v 1.7 also!